25 Year Anniversary

Because, what began as an idea has evolved into something extra special…The Strawberry Hill Museum.

The Strawberry Hill Museum is one of a kind because it tells the history of a victorian family, an orphanage and the various nationalities who settled in Kansas City, Kansas.

Celebrating 25 years of dedication by Board Members (past and present), volunteers (past and present) and the members of the Strawberry Hill Ethnic Cultural Society (past and present) who have supported the museum through the years.

– – The Strawberry Hill Museum came into being in June 1988.

– – Tours began in 1989.

– – In 1990 the Polish-Americans were the first ethnic group to join in with a permanent display. Eight more ethnic groups followed over the next few years.

– – In 2002 the museum received the Mayor’s Merit Award.

– – In 2008 the museum had over 2,000 visitors. This earned the museum the Event of the Year Award from the Kansas City, Kansas, Wyandotte Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The Strawberry Hill Museum is grateful to all who have believed in the spirit of the museum. Plans are being made for a celebration in July.

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