The Fifth Annual Strawberry Hill 5K Run/Walk/Crawl

Cost: $35.00 (includes a t-shirt, please choose size)
$50.00 day of the event, no guaranteed shirt size
Date: October 3, 2020
Enrollment Time: 7:00 am – 8:00 am
Start Time: 8:00 am
Event Category: Fifth Annual 5K Run/Walk/Crawl

Strawberry Hill Museum
720 N 4th Street, Kansas City, KS 66101
Phone: 913.371.3264

Bill Sirna
Phone: 913.371.3264

Race Perks
• Official race T-shirt to all participants.
• Refreshments provided post race.
• Aid Stations will be present along the race.
• Lots of course support.

NEW ROUTE!!! The race will start and finish at the northern parking lot of the Strawberry Hill Museum off Ann Avenue. Course will run through the scenic streets of Strawberry Hill. Traffic will be controlled by volunteers from friends and families of the Strawberry Hill area. The course is a mixture of rolling brick, uneven and flat ground. The vast majority of the course is flat, but there are a few slight inclines.

How to Register – It’s easy!

The cost of the 5K Run/Walk/Crawl is $35.00. To reserve your spot in the Fifth Annual Strawberry Hill 5K Run/Walk/Crawl fill in the form below. With your registration you will receive a Free T-shirt (please select the size you want) and be enrolled in the 5K Run/Walk/Crawl through the historical area of Strawberry Hill. 

Fill out the form below, put in your t-shirt size and click the Pay Now button.

T-Shirt Size


Want to get your company noticed in the Strawberry Hill 5K Run/Walk/Crawl we are looking for Donors to be listed on our T-shirts. With your $100 donation your company will be listed on the back of the shirt that everyone will be wearing as they tackle the 5K Run/Walk/Crawl.


Logo Donations

Want to participate further and help the Museum grow, donate $250 to have your logo added to the T-shirt. All proceeds for the day will go to improvements throughout the Museum. Fill out the form, click the link and upload your logo, and then proceed to the Donate button.



Other Donations

Want to help but can’t be here, or want to help in other ways for the museum. Here’s the spot to donate any amount for helping the museum or the Run/Walk/Crawl.


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