African American

African American

The traditions of the American family of color are rooted in the traditions of their beliefs in God, the birth of Jesus, and family. 

There are many families of color who have relatives that live in various parts of the country, and the celebration of the Christmas holidays is a time for everyone to come “Home” to be with family and friends. This is unofficial reunion time and is expected of everyone. It is a time celebrating with the family, attending church together,  visiting family members, friends and neighbors, being recognize and welcomed by the pastor and congregations. The story of the birth of Jesus is always told from the Bible. Presents are brought by Santa and mom places a basket of fruit, candy and nuts under the tree as a special treat. 

Even though the American family of color has it’s main heritage rooted in African ancestry, there are many families whose heritage includes other races. Because of our mixed heritage, there are other families of color who have some different Christmas traditions.

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