No Ghosts Here!

No Ghosts Here!
It has been brought to the attention of the Strawberry Hill Museum that several public organizations, on occasion during the Halloween season, add us to their Ghost tour agenda. The museum does not honor tickets from these events, or support these tours in any way.

It is the official position of the museum that there are no ghost or paranormal activities occurring at the museum. The Strawberry Hill Museum is NOT a haunted house.

We are also aware that there are many “stories” being written on the Internet related to paranormal activity at the Strawberry Hill Museum. It is the museum’s position that any stories circulating around the Internet are either unauthorized fabricated lies, or are the unsupported position of those not associated with the museum.

Please help us stop these unsubstantiated rumors, and spread the word that the Strawberry Hill Museum is dedicated to the promotion, sponsorship and preservation of the ethnic heritage prevalent in Kansas City, Kansas.

Thank you,

Strawberry Hill Museum Board

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